General Information

The most important general information for applicants about the admission procedures is the following:
Applicants from abroad who wish to enroll in a studies program to earn a degree at a University of Applied Sciences in the State of Bavaria need to submit their High School Diploma as well as other relevant documents to the University of Applied Sciences of their choice. This University of Applied Sciences will decide whether or not to accept you into their programm. Then they will inform you whether you need to attend preparatory classes at the Studienkolleg Coburg and which one(s).

The Studienkolleg Coburg offers the following two-semester courses of preparation for the "Feststellungsprüfung", the exam which determines whether (or not) you can begin your studies at a University of Applied Sciences: a course "WW" for applicants headed for business studies programs, and a course "TI" for applicants headed for technical and engineering studies programs. Studying at the Studienkolleg Coburg is free of charge; there is only a small administrative fee of about 100 Euro per semester.

All applicants have to take an admissions test at the Studienkolleg Coburg offered twice a year. In this test, applicants need to demonstrate sufficient knowledge of German (approximately level B1+) to be able to successfully participate in our classes in the various subjects. Furthermore, applicants need to demonstrate sufficient basic knowledge in mathematics in the admissions test. The test is free of charge.

If you apply and enroll for the admissions test and do not show up without presenting an acceptable excuse, the test will be considered taken but failed. You can take the test maximum three times.