Studienkolleg and University

The Studienkolleg is closely connected to the Coburg University of Applied Sciences:

The students are enrolled there in the preparatory course for foreign applicants and can use the spacious Friedrich-Streib campus of the university just like all the other students. They can use the major facilities of the university such as the new IT and media centre with its library and computer rooms. They experiment in the university’s laboratories. They are very welcome to the leisure activities of the International Office and other facilities of the university. And they can use the services of the Studierendenwerk, such as the university canteen or the halls of residence on campus.

From there it is only a few steps to the building with the modern equipped course rooms of the Studienkolleg.

It is a stroke of luck that the Coburg University sees internationalization as a great enrichment and a common task and has been supporting the Studienkolleg with advice and action for 60 years.

The students will find ideal conditions for their preparatory studies!